356 Golden Hill Road, PO Box 40, East Durham, NY 12423 (518) 634-2305

"A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, dedicated to the care and release of distressed wildlife"

The Center for Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation, Inc. maintains a wildlife sanctuary, including a special White-tailed Fawn facility with a low human contact fawn enclosure, larger exercise pens and smooth sided White-tailed Fawn infirmary. We also have a Raptor house including chain link enclosures with interchangeable environments. A much needed enclosed exercise flyway is now on the drawing board. Additionally we have an array of small animal enclosures for a variety of small mammals, birds of prey, waterfowl (including a 1/2 acre square exercise pond) and songbirds.

The Center has rehabilitated the following animals - white-tailed fawns, redtail hawks, Canada geese, loon, an ever increasing variety of small mammals, raptors, reptiles and songbirds. Once an animal has been treated (Dr. Prussner of the Meadowstone Veterinary Hospital graciously donates his services to the Center) and recuperation is complete it is released back into the wild, with a minimum of stress from living in captivity.

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Do Not attempt to feed or water distressed animals or birds without contacting a Wildlife Rehabilitator - The wrong food or improper watering can kill.

State and Federal Law requires special licenses and or permit(s) to rehabilitate wildlife. Always contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator when you take possession of a wild animal in distress.