The Center for Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation, Inc., Wildlife Rehabilitators are licensed and permitted by the United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Game Service and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation and are subject to their regulations concerning certain species.

Currently, Center rehabilitators do not hold a special NY State "Rabies Vector Species" permit, and therefore are restricted as to the kinds of Rabies Vector Species wildlife they can rehabilitate.

Additionally, we are only permitted to temporarily hold Bald Eagles, and must transfer them within a prescribed time frame. In the interest of the eagle needing medical attention, it is better to initially locate a permitted facility rather than move a recuperating bird, one move being better than two. Contact the Department of the Interior, Fish and Game Service for the closest facility to your location.

Time restrictions on volunteers have made the raising of baby birds impossible for the Center. Feeding schedules, requiring feedings every half-hour are not possible for our full time working volunteer staff.

State and Federal Law requires special licenses and or permit(s) to rehabilitate wildlife. Always contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator when you take possession of a wild animal in distress.


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