Membership includes a subscription to "Calls from the Wild" the Center Newsletter. In it you'll find useful information on animal issues, case histories, project progress, Center growth and wildlife tips & trivia. Members are invited to participate with submissions of articles for the "Pet Corner", a reader forum for pictures, stories and pet potpourri.

You'll find interesting articles on the Center's educational program, "Arts & Animals", designed to help students take a closer look at area wildlife, with the assistance of local artists. Both legal and health issues are discussed concerning contact with wildlife and distressed wildlife in particular.

Articles on the Center's adult slide program "A Look on the Wild Side", helping people to understand and live in harmony with area wildlife. An overview of what the Center's Rehab Program does, its limitations and its future plans, as well as plans for other Center projects.

Newsletter features include a "Letter from the President", "Letter from the Editor", "Wish List", "Release Updates",

"Editorial", "Raffle Information", "Backyard Bird Watchers, Tips and Ideas", "Pet Memorial Page", "Legislative Corner", "Case Histories", "Release Updates", "Adopt-An-Animal Program", "Supporting Advertiser's Page", Pet Corner" and "PS", our general announcement section.


Be assured that as the Center for Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of distressed wildlife) has no paid staff and that every penny donated will go towards the care and rehabilitation of distressed wildlife by dedicated volunteers.

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[ ] Individual $20, [ ] Family $30, [ ] Business $50,

[ ] Donor $100, or [ ] Life $500


The Center for Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation, Inc.

PO Box 40

356 Golden Hill Road

East Durham, New York 12423


On behalf of all the animals that have received "kind hands and gentle words" in their hour of need, I would like to thank our generous supporters.

- Catherine V. Lahm, President



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