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Today is

Love Advice & Tips

The Advice Sisters
From, Check out this month's Dating Double-Take!

All Twangled Up
Hey kids, need some twisted advice? Just ask Spanky!

Ask Aalize
Tons of great, useful and entertaining stuff on this hip girlie site!

Ask the Angel of Flirting
Great advice on how to flirt! Advice answers are separated into age groups and by subject.

Don't waste your time with sugar coated fluff. Get the straight dope from this sassy advisor!

If you've got the question, Eve's got the answer... She's very cool and won't waste your time!

Sometimes you just need to ask a chick, and if you can't ask me, you can always go here to find the answers you seek.

Ask Annabelle
Browse through the archive of questions and replies concerning relationships {both online, and off}, marriage, sexuality, children, and life in general. Ask "Annabelle", a PhD candidate in psychology, specializing in relationships, about any concerns...

Ask Doctor Dating
Part of a site called Meant2Be, which offers relationship workshops, Dr. Dating dishes out some pretty good advice...

Ask Dr. Tracy
A Ph.D. in Psychology and the author of countless articles, not to mention five books on relationships.

Tormented? Driven Witless? Whipsawed by Confusion? ASK E. JEAN, my darling kumquat!

Ask Elvis Shortliver & Simian, the Brazilian Marmoset
Okay, okay, it isn't necessarily love advice, but it's funny as hell, none-the-less...

Ask Kate
Her advice column is chock full of helpful tips on understanding women, as she believes there are no more rules in the ever-confusing state of modern dating...

Ask Sister Sage
"Sage" was raised fundamental Baptist in the Southern U.S., came out at 21 and again at 25. She has been totally out to family, friends, and co-workers for almost a decade now. She gives good advice too.

Ask Victoria!
From, She's got it all organized by catagory, and she gives good advice as well...

Breakup Girl
This advice column is where you get to ask Breakup Girl everything you probably already know about breakups, but, since it's happening to you, that you need someone else to tell you. Fab site!

Cyberspace Romances
John Suler, Ph.D of Rider University, interviews Jean-Francois Perreault about romances on the internet. Informative stuff here.

Danny's House- Living from a Positive Perspective
Danny Gale is a freelance writer in NYC who can help sort out your questions on AIDS and the struggles that go along with it.

Dating Advice for Geeks
Is the closest you've ever come to a woman when the school nurse stuck a tongue depressor down your throat? Is your office decorated with boxed Spawn figures and crushed coke cans & pizza boxes? Then look no further...

Dear Abbott: Advice from a Male Point-of-View
Even though he compares himself to Dear Abby, he still gives good advice. And as male advice to the lovelorn is harder to find, I thought I'd add this to the list.

Dear Abby
The matriarch of advice columnists! "I'm not worthy...."

Dear Delilah
Have questions about sex or relationships? Just ask Delilah -- she knows.

Dear Eddie- Advice column for the Damned
Can't find the compassionate advice you need? Then you might want to ask Eddie, as his site is chock full of wisdom. Dont miss his eddietorial, it's a pretty funny rant.

Dear Susie
Susie offers good advice to readers on men, love, sex, and work.

Don Juan's Tips on Love....
Ha! And you thought he was dead! Don wants to teach you to find the nine hidden erotic areas on a woman. I'll bet you can't guess what they are. That's why he's Don Juan and you aren't.

Dr. Laura
If you listen to her super popular radio show, you'll love the website. Enter a contest, send Laura a note, or just soak up her great advice...Take on the day!

Dr. Pitman's Advice to the Lovelorn
This Doc gives great advice~ sharp, witty and right on the money!

Got a question for eMale? Ask him! A man's point of view- from Women's Wire. I think this guy gives sound advice. He's cool.

How can you best use dating services?
Nina knows best. Ms. Atwood is author of the book, Be Your Own Dating Service: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Maintaining Healthy Relationships.

Is it a relationship yet?
Another juicy bit from the fabulous Isadora Alman, this time in advice format...

Love, Danny - Advice from a Positive Perspective
For answers to these and other questions about dating in an HIV+ world, ask Love, Danny, the coffee cup advice column for the rest of us.

Lisa's Loveline! Site
Check out her Loveline fan site. It has an online chat and a message board where people can ask questions just like they do on the show. Many fans consider Lisa's site to be the most comprehensive of all Loveline fan sites.

Unofficial Loveline Quote Archive
This is an unofficial site, but apparently there is no official site on on MTV's site or anywhere else. These guys are fantastic! It's almost worth moving to L.A. just to hear them on the radio every night.

LoveMan professes to address the most desperate of dating problems at his site. Also check his Virtual gift-generator for ideas and his Reject-o-matic for the cowardly way to break it off.

Gabriella shares her insights on how to tell if He really loves you, if he doesn't, and even a relationship timetable!

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice
Abigail pulls out relevant quotes, tidbits, and words of wisdom from her collection of cool old dating/lifestyle books to help you with your modern-day dilemmas. A very cool site!

Miss Lonelyhearts
aka: Maureen Scurfield will be your free guide and counsellor in your direst of needs. Miss Lonelyhearts has been helping the confused, angry and heartbroken for more than 15 years.

Planet Wally
Wally offers love and relationship advice, among other amusements, on his entertaining site.

Relationship Essays
From, For just a few $, they will send you a hand tailored essay for your problematic question. A novel idea.

Right And Righter
Lost in a sea of moral turpitude? Bewildered by romance to Aussie rules? Wishing a date was more than just a fruit in a fig tree? Steve & Greg have got the answers.

Self Help with Lori
With 4 diplomas from study-at-home meditation programs, plus a Certificate of Accomplishment from the Astrology Coalition of New York, and as a life-long subscriber to Seventeen, she's super in-touch with the trials and tribulations of adolescence in America.

Teen Advice
Are you interested in taking over as the Mining Co. Teen Advice Guide? As of 10/10/98, it looks like the site needs a new host...

The Naked Truth - Tip of the Week #1
How to tell if a woman is not sexually interested in you. Very informative!

The Naked Truth - Tip of the Week #2
How to Tell if a Woman is Really Interested in You. This is fairly thorough. Geez, have I done this? How embarassing!

Torn Between Two Lovers
How do you take your advice: plain, sugarcoated, or swimming in bitter herbs?'s Maggie has the answer for you you decide how you want to hear it.

What's your problem?
Swoon's juicy advice column cleverly penned by Jane Err. "She lied about her looks and is about to meet her online beau...uh oh!"

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