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Design Purpose

You may ask why have a web site that doesn't offer much value for my business? If a business is going to benefit from a web site, the site has to be a tool that "saves or makes money for the business."

Consider the costs for printed literature and the cost for getting this literature to your prospects. Now consider that for sites beginning at less than $100.00, the information your potential customer needs is right there on your web site. Just put your web site address on contact letters, flyers business cards, etc. and let the web site supply the entire product or service line.

The web site can be compared to all other routinely used business tools--phone, fax, copier and computer. Tools we are expected to have by our customers and clients. If we don't have these tools we are "seen as less than professional." We are seen as "too small to do business with."

If a customer expects to call the business, they don't ever consider the possibility you won't have a phone. Our belief is that if you don't have a web site, some potential business will just go elsewhere. Again, it's not the utility that matters most, but the presence. Even if that site only offers an unchanging menu, unchanging services, unchanging contact information, or unchanging business philosophy, the customers will expect the web site to be there.

The Computer Connection can put you there. Our promise for your best return on investment is "You will get more than you imagined and pay less for a professionally designed, money saving or money producing, site."

Please feel free to contact us by phone at TOLL FREE 1-877-netmaker (1-877-638-6253) or Email us at THE COMPUTER CONNECTION and ask for This Week's Special FREE Offer. We can help regardless of where you're located. Click FREE QUOTE for free consultation and quotes
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